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     Interview : FC Thun’s Armand Deumi 


    After 30 rounds of matches, FC Thun lies second in the Swiss league with a chance of winning the championship that nobody ever thought possible. GOAL.com talked to one of the side’s key-players, Cameroon international Armand Deumi.

    "You have to experience the lows to enjoy the highs"

    Armand Deumi, recently voted player of the month by his collegues in Switzerland, is at the peak of his game. The 26-year-old late-starter recently made his debut for Cameroon. In an interview with GOAL.com, the defensive all-rounder explains the sensational rise of FC Thun as well as the reasons for his personal breakthrough. If highly ambitioned Deumi had his way, this rise should continue for a long while yet..

    GOAL.com : FC Thun is sensationally second in the Axpo Super League. What are the reasons for this success ?

    Deumi : "We are a sworn bunch, a team of good single players that all have a very strong team sense. We work hard and professionally, and maybe we profit from not having any pressure."

    GOAL.com : What is your personal secret to success ? At the end of 2003 you had a severe injury to the knee and had to take a break for half a year.

    Deumi : "Yes, that’s right, I was unlucky and ruptured my cruciate knee ligament. At the start, that was a blow, but I quickly came to terms with it. I think that I’m now stronger both physically and mentally. You have to experience the lows to enjoy the highs."

    GOAL.com : Where will the sporting rise of FC Thun end this season ?

    Deumi : "Nobody really counted with us. We, little Thun, with the lowest budget in the top Swiss league, are chasing FC Basel. That’s fun. Of course, everyone secretly dreams of the championship. But even second place, allowing us for the Champions’ League qualification, would be an outstanding success."

    Armand Deumi (FC Thun)GOAL.com : How will you personally go on ? How long does your contract with Thun last ?

    Deumi : "I have already committed myself to FC Thun as I owe the club a lot. I pay that back now with good performances. My advisers Costa Bonato and Helmut Richter have received several requests from foreign countries. It is a nice feeling to know that I’m regularly being watched by top clubs in Europe. One thing that’s for sure is that I want to build up an international career, preferably for a club in a great football nation !"

    GOAL.com : Talking about internationals, at the end of March you made your debut for Cameroon during the World Cup qualifier against Sudan. Will you participate in the World Cup 2006 in Germany, and what role can Cameroon play there ?

    Deumi : "You know, about two years ago, I drove by the then still being built Allianz Arena in Munich. I have played in the AOL Arena against HSV last Summer, and already back then I had the wish to play for my country in the World Cup 2006. If we manage to qualify, we might surprise everyone like Senegal did during the World Cup 2002 in Japan and Korea. When you lack faith in an aim, you will not reach the aim."

    GOAL.com : Five years ago, you left Cameroon to start a career in as a football player in Europe. Could one say that your career was on plan ?

    Deumi : "Of course it is a risk, particularly when you think of how many Africans want to go to Europe and how many of them really can play on such a high level. I profited from my flexibility. I now live like any European and want to stay here after my career too."

    GOAL.com : What do you think is the main problem African players face when they come to Europe ?

    Deumi : "They mustn’t think that everyone will help them. You will get back what you deserve, but you have to make the first move yourself."

    GOAL.com : You seem very balanced. What do you do in your free time ?

    Deumi : "I listen to music, I like reading, and strangely enough for an African, I really enjoy hiking in the mountains."
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     Interview : FC Thun’s Armand Deumi
    After 30 rounds of matches, FC Thun lies second in the Swiss league with a chance of winning the championship that nobody ever thought possible. GOAL.com talked to one of the side’s key-players,......
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     Armand Deumi : Le souffle de la défense
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