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    Nom du fanclub: samuel eto`o fils fan club Nig.
    Date de création: 03.07.2006
    Nombre de membres: 1482 1482
    Ville: ikom-cross river state
    Nom du quartier: # 14 Mission road
    Nom du 1er responsable: Arrey Ako
    Prénom :
    Telephone : 2147483647
    Email : Sweetguyprecious@yahoo.co.uk
    Nom du 2er responsable:
    Prénom :
    Telephone : 2147483647
    Email: abbasjhn@yahoo.co.uk

    We own a fan club that owns alot of love particularly for the African best, Samuel Eto`o Fils. As one of Africans best we have watched his progress through the world scene of international football elites. We do also stand beside him in his fight on Racism, in the spanish league, we wish him the very best in his international pursuits. just to shed some light uring Baca Matches ue to our comitments to Samuel, we are always on Baca colors. Furthermore, we recomend him for another successive African Footballer of the year. Altimately, we are proud gazers of Quality football, an we are sure that the Camarounians basically epitomize that, and we say a big thumbs up to the Indomitable Lions, for how they have taken african`s football to greater heights. Regards A. L. A.