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     Tataw Stephen : "Our Boys are Committed" 

    Tataw Stephen, Lions’ Deputy Administrative Director accesses the state of the team.

    For sometime now, we have not seen such performance by Cameroon`s national football team. What do you think is the reason for this new-found vigour?

    I would start by saying congratulations to the players for the excellent performance. They have not only won all of their three group matches, but have done so in grand style. Their method of play is very impressive. All this, I can say, is the fruit of hard work. Since the appointment of the new management team for the Lions we told ourselves that it was only through hard work that we could face the numerous challenges. The administrators, medical staff, coaches, etc, have been doing just that. We are therefore out to let Cameroonians and the world in general know that Cameroon is still on the right track in the domain of football. The results are eloquent proof of the hard work and commitment that the players and all those around them are putting in their job.

    Can we therefore say that we are witnessing a rebirth of Cameroon`s national football team?

    We can rightly say so. I am very impressed with our boys. They are doing a great job to bring us back on the right path. It makes me confident and I think they merit our praise. From all indications, there is very little that can stop us from grabbing the trophy because our boys are committed.

    Cameroon will be facing Cote d`Ivoire at the quarter finals next Saturday. Does this scare you?

    Not at all. We know the Ivorian squad very well because we played against them during the joint eliminatories for the 2006 African Cup of Nations and World Cup. But this does not mean that they are a lesser challenge. Every match is a great match that demands ample preparation. And we are preparing well to face Cote d`Ivoire next Saturday. As you already know, Cameroon is today a reference at the 2006 African Cup of Nations. We are the barometer which teams are using to judge their might. And we will not give any team the pleasure to ride us. Next Saturday, we would let the Elephants of Cote d`Ivoire know that the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon are still the strongest in Africa.

    So you don`t dread meeting any team in this tournament?

    There is no team that frightens us. We have no choices or preferences. When we started preparing for this competition, we had just one objective in mind; grab the trophy. You cannot win the trophy when you are scared of those in the tournament. Even if we were to face Brazil today, we would do it with a lot of courage and confidence. This is because we are well prepared.

    Are there any similarities between the present team and the squad that you led to Italy in 1990?

    I won`t really talk about similarities and differences. All I can say is that there is a Lion spirit. Players come and go but the spirit stays. It is therefore the same team with the same spirit. In 1990, Milla, myself and others had this Lion spirit in us. It is what propelled us to excel. Today it is Song, Eto`o, etc. Tomorrow we will have others. But the Indomitable Lions will always be the same because each player who is selected to put on the national colours wants to leave a mark.

    On what aspects do you lay emphasis on during training?

    Hard work. This is what pays. Nothing can be achieved without hard work. We are even more committed today because we failed to get a ticket for the World Cup. This is an occasion for us to show our fans and the world at large that the Indomitable Lions are not lost. They are still strong and ready to make them proud.
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     Tataw Stephen : "Our Boys are Committed"
    Tataw Stephen, Lions’ Deputy Administrative Director accesses the state of the......
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